Alternative hip procedure available in Lufkin

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Bone against bone," is how Annie Scott describes the pain she feels in her hip every time she walks.

"She has a worn out left hip and we are going to take out the worn pieces of bone and cartilage and replace it with a new hip joint for her," said Dr. Roy Guse, orthopedic surgeon of Memorial Medical Center, said.

Today the hospital staff preps Scott for the surgery right here in Lufkin.

"The surgery allows me to more accurately put the implants in place," Guse said. "Now, why is that important, it reduces the risk of it dislocating."

Not to mention Scott is expected to leave this surgery room with a smaller incision, less pain, a more stable hip, and a shorter recovery time.

"When we go in front, we don't actually cut any muscles," Guse said. "When we went in from the back or went in from the side, we would split several muscles getting to the hip joint and then sew those muscles back together. Now, there's always some pain associated with the cutting of the muscles and then there's some pain associated with us putting those stitches in there and putting them tighter than they used to be."

He says this approach isn't pain-free, but for some, it's better than the traditional method.

"What we look for is people that have not only a radiographically worn out hip, but enough pain that they want to go through the pain that's associated with the surgery," Guse said. "Which there is some, but much less than you expect."

This surgery means Scott can spend more time with her family and less time in pain.

"Makes me feel wonderful," Scott's daughter, Mona Watts, said. "We've watched her endure pain for say about a year and it's great to know that she's going to be up and able to move about."

And with this hip replacement, Guse plans to fix Scott and keep her right here in Lufkin.

"I appreciate everything he's doing for me," Scott said. "I love him for it and God bless him."

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