Nacogdoches dealers pleased with Dec sales

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - No question about it. Auto sales in 2009 brought in far less sales tax money into Nacogdoches County coffers. "in 2008 and 2009 it was approximately a half a million dollars less in tax revenue we collected," Kim Morton, chief deputy at the Nacogdoches County tax accessor office said.

Clerks who handle title exchanges don't need the stats. They base the market on how many times they see a dealer. They weren't coming around very often, until recently. "This is a file a dealership has brought in today for their paperwork. Six titles that they brought in for me to do for them today," Morton said. "So, it's picked up this week."

That would be Rex Perry Autoplex's file. The sales staff has seen a pickup in business, following slower times. "Here in East Texas you've got good, hardworking people and their grounded and I just don't think its affected us like it has in other places," Perry said.

Meanwhile, all manufacturers are noticing what Ford did in December. Nationwide, December sales were up 33% versus a year ago. That's the highest sales month since may of 2008. In the Dallas region, which includes Nacogdoches, sales are up 22%.

"A good indicator is there are more businesses coming in and buying trucks, Neal Slaten, owner of Tipton Ford said. "so, adding trucks to their fleet, replacing vehicles they had been holding onto to see what the economy was going to do."

Dealers say rebate offers and lower interest rates may boost future sales.

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