Heating items flying off shelves in East Texas stores

By Holley Nees - email

Lufkin, TX (KTRE) - Heaters and pipe insulation are going fast as East Texans prepare for the Arctic blast Thursday.

"Primarily we have sold out of pipe insulation and faucet cups," Lowe's manager Kerry Morgan said.

"The last two days really, we've had a big run on both them items to the point where people have been buying them by the half box," Morgan said.

Morgan says they're trying to keep products in stock, but if you're waiting for the next shipment it could be too late.

"We have already got some on order, for customers, but I mean, it's kind of shutting the door after the horse is gone at that point," Morgan said.

With the coldest weather in about 20 years expected, being ready is key.

"I just came back from Home Depot and they're sold out of heaters just about so, you know, I say you better get it now or really you should get it sooner than this," Lowe's customer Bob Childers said.

"Space heaters are called space heaters because they need to be given space," said Richard Lenius of DLS Hazmat. "A lot of folks will put them a little bit too close to the bed and potentially the radiant heat can catch a blanket on fire quite easily."

If you have a gas heater, Lenius says protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning.

"It's an odorless gas a lot of people die from exposure to that. Those that don't have carbon monoxide detectors in their home will never know they've been exposed to that until it's really too late," Lenius said.

A few extra steps will keep you safe and warm as the temperature drops.

"Elderly people that have health issues where they don't have that type of good feeling in their feet, such as  a diabetic or something will get really close to these things and they'll fall asleep in the recliner and next thing you know they've got third degree burns and second degree burns," Lenius said.

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