Elderly receive warmth during cold weather

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "Oh it's so beautiful," said Mary Berry, 68, while holding a new electric blanket given to her by Love In the Name of Christ in Nacogdoches. She then starts to cry. They're tears of gratitude. "I appreciate it so much. And thank you for what they've done down through the years," said Berry.

Requests for warm blankets and heaters pick up this time of year. "They're (elderly) cold natured anyway. They have the heat up really high," Mary Ann Oglesby explained. "There's issues with stoves. A lot of them have space heaters. Some have central heat, but they're running non stop. Others try to build fires," said the Senior Care Network Director, a division of Love INC.

"This is the coldest its ever been," Berry said while watching a television forecast. Mrs Berry sits by a propane heater, the source of heat she's used for years. "This old house is big. It's nine rooms and two baths. And it needs work done on it, but we'll soon get something done on it. We just can't do it right now," said Berry.

There's an occasional draft in the frame house, but the many propane heaters Berry has running provide noticeable warmth. Her son warned her not to let the blanket get too close before he left for the store to buy food provisions. The matriarch of a large family accepts things as they are. She's one of the fortunate ones.

It's the elderly without family concerning caretakers the most. "If you have the availability in this time when it's really cold to help someone that is elderly and at home we would appreciate it," Oglesby expressed.

Mrs Berry knows all about the frigid temperatures. Her faith gives her an attitude free of worry. "Whatever He (God) sends, I'm satisfied," berry said. Cold weather was sent. So was a warm blanket.

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