Man claims he was victim of Nacogdoches pigeon drop

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A man claimed he was the victim of a pigeon drop after he found a bandana he thought to be full of $50,000 to have nothing but newspaper inside.

According to the Nacogdoches Police report, the man said he was approached by an unknown man asked him to help locate a church in town. The victim agreed to help and gave him a ride.

When they went to an area near Burger King on North Street, the suspect contacted another suspect who was walking in the area. He convinced the victim to give the second suspect a ride so he could show them where the church is located.

Once both suspects were in the vehicle, the first suspect said he was from South Africa and wanted to give each of them $50,000 because he could not take the money back with him. But first he wanted them to prove they were hard-working men.

The victim agreed to withdraw money from his bank account to prove he had a job. He withdrew money from his account and gave it to the suspect.

The suspect then told the victim he would put the $50,000 in a bandana and into the victim's trunk. He then put the bandana in the trunk and left.

The victim then opened his trunk and found the bandana to have nothing but newspaper.