Pursuing new career now easier for East Texans

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Money to help people go back to school for specialized training is now available in a twelve-county region of Deep East Texas. It's how Community Action chose to use its stimulus money.

The Greater East Texas Community Action is advertising "Plan B." They want to help people rethinking their career path now.

"People now need to look at their own skills, where they are economically and where their career field is taking them and for a lot of individuals they need to go back to school, they need to upgrade their skills, they need to brush up and Plan B is designed for just those individuals," said Karen Swenson. Community Action Director.

Area community colleges including Angelina and Tyler Junior Colleges play an essential role. Plan B will pay for short-term training, tuition, books, and fees needed for training.

High demand occupations include welding, truck driving or just anything in the medical and computer technology fields.

"So working with our community colleges we are encouraging people to go back and brush up their skills. It's available to them. Even if you've been out of the educational arena a long time, you can still go back," Swenson said.

Assistance doesn't stop at schooling. Fuel, utility, and rental assistance are also available for qualified applicants.

"There are people out there right now that have really been struggling, trying to find a job. They can't find one. And it is expensive to do a job search, so we do in addition have an opportunity to help those individuals who are serious about finding a job," said Swenson.

Laid-off workers and under-trained job applicants committed to finding a job or getting training are encouraged to apply for Plan B funding.

The goal is to get as many applicants as possible enrolled for the spring semester. That registration is underway right now. The application period runs through September.

Those interested can apply at the Greater East Texas Community Action office in Nacogdoches, or call Karen Swenson (800-621-5746) or Beverly Jones (936-564-2491).

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