Lufkin woman billed for tornado damage

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Charlotte Tarver's Randybrook Street home was in the path of a tornado. Even though the twister ripped off her electric meter, her power company tried to bill her for it.

"I got charged extra because a tornado come through my home," said Tarver. "In order to get electricity I have to pay a disconnect and reconnect fee is what they said. It was $139."

With holes in her roof and boarded windows, Tarver expected this month's bill to be higher than usual. "We're having to heat to make-up for the drafts that are in the homes," she said.

But she wasn't anticipating an extra bill. "Whenever he said it was a reconnect and disconnect that's when I started feeling the real anger and that's when I thought no, there's got to be something," she said. "If nothing happens at least we can be heard."

Tarver's voice was heard. KTRE called TXU Energy who then directed us to Oncor, their energy provider. They've removed the charge of $139, an extra bill Tarver said she couldn't afford.

"It's going to be tight because we had to pay to get the trees removed," she said. "Like I say we've had to put out a lot of money."

With workers atop her roof and debris still carpeting her lawn, any money she can save will go a long way.

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