Trinity residents exhausted from water woes

By Jena Johnson - email

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Four days of no water within Trinity's city limits took a toll on its residents.

"It was a couple of days," resident Joe Morning said. "We didn't have a drop."

"The town's extremely exhausted," City Manager Phil Patchett said.

Last week's cold snap exhausted the city's water supply and resources.

"We've been working 24-seven since Saturday so yes, there's an extreme amount of overtime, but believe me, it's well spent for the city," Patchett said.

Now, the water's back on and residents couldn't be more elated.

As time went by, Paula Hortman says life with the missing resource was difficult.

"It's automatic," Hortman said. "When it got me is when I was going to brush my teeth."

Hortman prepared, filling her bathtub with pots of water.

"My gumbo pot, my chili pot, every pot I had and I filled them all up with water," Hortman said.

For resident Tess Corley and her father, the days without water brought back memories.

"It puts me in a mind when Hurricane Ike came, how everybody was in the line trying to prepare to get ready, you know for the storms so, they were in line getting the water," Corley said.

Corley says losing a vital part of life is serious.

"Getting prepared for it because it's not a joke," Corley said. "As they seen now it's not a joke. Go ahead on and plan ahead."

And for Hortman, she hopes people will learn to cherish a resource that may not always be at our fingertips.

"I think people will learn to conserve," Hortman said.

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