Women's shelter hopes Nacogdoches thrift store will help with donations

By Holley Nees - email

Nacogdoches, TX (KTRE) - One East Texas organization is hoping a new thrift store could help them get funding the government has cut.

Margi Preston is hoping the racks hold just what her organization needs and help to fill a $90,000 financial void.

"Really the state and federal funding has been cut over $90,000 in the last two years for our organization. So, that means we have to make that money up somewhere else," said Preston.

As the executive director of the Family Crisis Center, she wants that somewhere else to be this new thrift store.

"It's really too soon to tell, you know, because we're just now opening, but we're certainly hopeful," said Preston.

"We're a business like any other business, even though our organization is a non-profit, you know, we pay the same bills, we don't get breaks on our lights," said Lisa Jackman, director of Thrift Store Operations.

Hundreds of donated items hang in the thrift store, and all the proceeds are dropped back into the community.

"For people to actually donate things that they don't need anymore to know that is actually going back in directly to help families in need from domestic violence and sexual assault, it's a wonderful cycle," Preston said.

Customers get the chance to give back by finding good deals.

"I'm on, you know, just like a fixed income and so I really think it's great," said thrift store shopper Sherry Faulkner.

So, whether you shop or donate, you are helping make up for the thousands of dollars missing in this organization.

"I hope that they find their way and I'll do everything I can to help to bend that effort towards a good end. I think the state should do more, but it's a tough time," said shopper Molly Brandon.

"When times are tough, that's right, it's people helping people. That's the way it needs to be," said Faulkner.

The Nacogdoches thrift store is next to Wal-Mart on North Street.  Customers can go to the back door and ring the bell if they want to make a donation.

They ask for gently used items and they do take furniture, but it needs to be in good enough condition to sell.  Also, the outreach offices for Nacogdoches County have been moved into the store.

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