Lufkin residents share sorrow with Haiti

By Jena Johnson - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The disaster hundreds of miles away in Haiti is hitting home for some people right here in Lufkin.

Somber images of mass destruction and chaos surround the country.

"There's still children that we can't account for and so we're very concerned about their well being and we're very concerned about where they are as well as their house mom," Tammy Holder said.

Holder's East Texas church, New Life on the Rock, has a sister church in Port-Au-Prince.

"The entire church caved in with their college class there," Holder said. "They met every day at 5 o'clock along with their college pastor and all 30 of them did not survive the quake."

Amid mass tragedy, Holder tries to come to grips with how a country that has so little can be hit so hard.

"It was so heartbreaking to know that to have just been there and to have seen the devastation already that it broke our hearts to know that they're going to have rebuild what they've worked so hard to build," Holder said.

Devastating images of the quake that rocked the poverty-stricken country has prompted an outpouring of relief efforts.

"We've noticed in Lufkin we've already seen contributions here and on the web site," Glenna Harkness of American Red Cross said. "It actually went down yesterday because so many people were trying to make donations."

For now, Holder's glued to these images. Watching and waiting to see a friend's face.

"I watch it day and night just trying to see if I can find or see anybody that I might recognize," she said.

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