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Freedom Fighters: Luther Garner

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

GOOD SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - Luther Garner joined the Air Force nine days after graduating from high school. Trained as both an engineer and a glider pilot, he had already packed his gear for a D-Day minus one landing behind enemy lines when he got orders to wait.

Within two weeks Garner was aboard, not a glider, but a ship bound for Omaha beach. Because the tide was out, the ship could not land, and, soon, all the food was gone. Hearing that sandwiches were being served by the British down below, Garner went to the ship's kitchen. He got his sandwich, but when he got back on deck, his company had boarded a landing craft headed for Omaha Beach.

Garner finally re-connected with his company and helped re-build bombed out runways for Allied planes.

Often under fire, Garner missed death by minutes numerous times. In 1946, Luther Garner returned home glad to have done his duty, but also glad to be done with war.

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