Politicians, East Texans weigh in on debate

By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Most people want to know who won the debate between Kay Bailey Hutchison, Rick Perry and Debra Medina. But it doesn't seem like there was a winner.

"I tried to analyze who won and all that and I didn't see a winner," Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt said.

But Hutchison's fellow senator doesn't think there really needs to be a winner. What's important is that voters get to analyze the candidates' strengths and weaknesses, he said.

"Most of the public doesn't get a chance to look and listen to the candidates and have people ask them the hard questions they would ask if they were standing in front of them," Sen. John Cornyn said.

The candidates want to effectively get their point across and be heard over the rest.

"Governor Perry is running against Washington. Sen. Hutchison is running against Governor Perry and Ms. Medina tried to get herself in the mix with the other two," Hunt said.

It was most viewers' first chance to watch Medina and reactions were mixed.

"I thought Ms. Medina did pretty well," Cornyn said. "I thought she didn't seem to be flustered. She was very poised. She definitely had some strong views."

"I think it's no question it's a two-person race between Gov. Perry and Senator Hutchison," Hunt said.

Ultimately the debate seemed successful at firing up a candidate's respective base.

"Probably just rallied their own people a little bit stronger and it's going to be a really close race, I believe," Hunt said.

Lufkinites voiced what they didn't like about a candidate more than who they support.

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