More than 100 celebrate MLK Day in Nacogdoches

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Martin Luther King Day is an answered prayer for believers.

"Let this day be to thine glory of thine alone, even though we honor highly esteem to Dr. Martin Luther King and the dream," prayed Kyle Childress, pastor of Austin Heights Baptist Church.

The Nacogdoches celebration of more than 100 included prayers for the community and its youth. Talk abounded about how to carry on the "dream." Not just today, but every day.

"We all want to keep the dream alive," Childress said.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the freedoms King worked so hard to achieve.

"That it is through your spirit, the Master, that you allowed him to be used, O Father," Childress said.

In 1968, a march by African Americans was turned back by police. Today officers could be heard through a siren that they were leading the effort.

"You couldn't even do this without being sprayed by water hoses or being chased by policemen or attacked by dogs," said Mychaka Young, the SFA NAACP vice president. "I just feel like this is such a beautiful thing, people coming together."

Winter shadows moved on to the Nacogdoches County Courthouse. Pastors, educators, and young people share ideas for keeping the dream alive. It requires unity.

"We're part of the same community, the same family and he said, 'It's like we all sat around the same table,'" Childress said.

Yes, there are obstacles, but perseverance may overcome.

"Walk with me," Laterrious Starks, a King follower, said. "March with me. Together we will overcome obstacles and form an unstoppable force."

King's message is passed on to future generations. The lessons he taught are being learned.

"That we can love one another and be friends," an eight-year-old boy said.

Nacogdoches volunteers not only spoke King's words today, they also put them into action by participating in community projects. One project was painting at Head Start's "Project Turnaround."

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