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Lufkin MLK march for 'the whole world'

By Jena Johnson - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -  The 18th annual Martin Luther King March was a walk of international peace, liberty and justice.

"We're marching for them today too," marcher Catherine Adams said. "We're marching for the whole world today."

As crisis unfolds 2,700 miles away, the people of Haiti are close to these marchers' hearts.

"We're remembering today our brothers and sisters that are in Haiti and what they're going through and we're praying for them this day," marcher Verdia Shankle said.

"Anytime that there is any type of devastation that occurs in the United States and overseas it's certainly something that's on our minds and we should as always be people united thinking about other people in the situation and circumstance," Adams said.

For 15 years, Adams has participated in the march. Her son, Christopher, walks with her each year.

"Ever since she's been carrying me around!" Christopher Adams said.

With each stride, comes compassion and hope.

"It gives me a lot of inspiration because we know that the older people are here, but the young people are the ones who are coming up behind us, which makes a great deal of difference," Adams said.

Adams says King's life is an inspiration for a more united world and future.

"Martin Luther King did a lot for me as an African American male to be able to do things that people in his time couldn't do so I march because I'm thankful for what he's done," Christopher Adams said.

"The unity and not forgetting what Dr. King has done," Shankle said.

"I'm going to walk as long as I can't walk anymore," Christopher Adams said.

But their ultimate goal for taking to the streets today is to remember an irreplaceable legacy.

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