Woodland Heights enters recycling program

LUFKIN, TX (PRESS RELEASE) - Recycling is a common method for reducing waste and maintaining a clean green community. Recycling diverts waste from the landfill and provides an opportunity to be a good steward of the environment.

Woodland Heights Medical Center is demonstrating how to be a good steward of the environment by implementing a recycling program on their campus. Angelina Beautiful/Clean is excited about the opportunity to connect with the two groups involved in starting the recycling program by providing blue recycling bins in needed areas of the hospital.

"Woodland Heights is committed to caring for the health of our community and there is no doubt that a cleaner, more beautiful environment is part of health," said William Weldon, Woodland Heights Medical Center Chief Executive Officer.  "We are proud of our staff – particularly the Environment of Care Committee and Nursing Relations Committee – that were the driving force behind implementing a recycling program at the hospital."

The Woodland Heights Environment of Care Committee is a multidisciplinary group including clinical and non-clinical staff that is responsible for ensuring a clean, safe and healing environment and the Nursing Relations Committee is comprised of nurse leaders from each department as well as nursing administration and was developed to advance the level of care given to patients through integrating care across various departments.

With the help of these two groups and Angelina Beautiful/Clean- Woodland Heights Medical Center is helping make Angelina County a better place to live, work and play.