Retired Army General Addresses America's Future of War

"We're going to war... unless Saddam Hussein does what the President invited him to do and that is to get out of Iraq," explained ret. Lt. General "Cotton" Whiddon.

After President Bush's speech, that is the sentiment that retired Lieutenant General "Cotton" Whiddon is sharing. And he believes that if and when America strikes, one of two things will happen to who he refers to as a tyrant.

"I think he'll either be captured or he'll be dead. I sincerely believe that there are no other options on the books," added Whiddon.

Hundreds of thousands of troops are poised on the frontlines, ready to fight for our country. Whiddon says, depending on the type of battles fought, casualties could be high.

"Those casualties are going to be dependent by and large on the amount of defensive measures Saddam takes in the city of Baghdad, if we have to go into Baghdad and rid out his hardcore units, casualties will be significant," said Whiddon.

But Whiddon adds, the price we pay to defend freedom, will always be worth the reward.