Murder Trial Begins

Rodney Collins quietly leaves a courtroom where moments earlier he heard his son tell a jury that he thought his Dad was intentionally trying to kill him.

Collins is accused of seriously wounding his son Paul, moments after shooting and killing his mother in law, Betty Ferguson on August 22, 2001. A .410 shotgun was used.

In addition, a daughter of Collins claims the morning of the shootings her father tried to sexually assault her.

Ferguson's daughter, Mattie McCarty shares the sentiment of Collins' children. They all fear Collins is dangerous. "I lost my parent. I don't want these kids to lose theirs, but I don't want him free on the public ever again."

The killing happened on a hot August day at El Camino Apartments in Chireno. Collins went there one day after being released from the Rusk State Hospital, a place the families don't hold in high regard.

"No, they (Rusk State Hospital) turned him out too soon. They won't keep him," said McCarty.

McCarty says whatever is in Collins' future it won't give back what he took away. "The little ones like you see here." McCarty motions to her 3 year old grandson and Ferguson's great grandson. "My Mother lived for the little ones. It shouldn't happen. I just want justice done."

The trial is scheduled for the rest of this week.