Apple Springs woman gives her best friend the 'gift of life'

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

Apple Springs, TX (KTRE)- "Friends forever." Two women have kept this promise since they met in Apple Springs as twelve year olds.

"She is part of me so I guess we really consider each other sisters," said Chekita Sidney.

Kimberly Ards was diagnosed two years ago with end stage renal failure. Ard's best friend didn't hesitate to become a donor. Now Sidney is giving her own kidney, so her best friend can live a healthy, prosperous life.

"I look it as being a blessing and fate," said Sidney.

Ards, who currently lives in Houston, has been waiting for a kidney for nearly two years. As she grew sicker, Kimberly decided to look close to home for help.

"She just felt real bad to wait on someone to die to get their kidney. So that's why she emailed some of us for a kidney," explained Sidney.

To this duo, it's no surprise they're both "0-postive" blood types, making the perfect match.

"I have immediate family members that didn't even get tested and the ones that did weren't a match. So for her to give up herself, like this, it just goes beyond words to me," said Ards.

The women wear and even sell t-shirts with a photograph of the women and the "gift of love" logo, to illustrate their support and love for one another in the midst of a life-saving process.

"I'm just glad that I'm able to give her life and make her life more comfortable."

They hope their story will show how easy it is to become a donor and save someone's life.

After the transplant this Friday, both women will be temporarily out of work. Ards won't be able to return to her job for months and will have thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

To find out how you can help these women or to donate to the Kimberly Ards transplant fund call Chekita Sidney at 936-676-8740 or Kimberly Ards at 713-416-9115.

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