Victims of Lufkin tornado reach out to Haitian victims

Floyd Garner lost his home to the Lufkin tornado.
Floyd Garner lost his home to the Lufkin tornado.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  A Lufkin man lost his legs to diabetes and his home to a tornado. Yet, he's donating to those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

Floyd Garner is a war veteran. He knows what disaster and pain look like.

"Even I can remember an earthquake in Guatemala in 67 when we went to their aid and I have seen mass death and destruction," said Garner.

A tornado took his home and diabetes took his legs. But Garner says he's not the one suffering.

"Haiti is just devastated. They need the medical supplies and the deaths and the wounded so I think they need more help than we do," said Garner.

Red Cross donation figures appear to support that. Since the tornado, $2,000 has been raised for local victims. In just the past week, East Texans have pledged more than $8,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti.

"I hope they get the help they need, but I always say start at home before you go somewhere else," said Evelyn Bogan, a tornado victim.

Evelyn Bogan is still picking up the mess a tornado left in her yard. She fears some have forgotten what's happening on the home front.

"People seem to get into their own rut and they tend to forget very easily I think maybe they have, but if they drove through the area and they saw the devastation they would realize," said Bogan.

Even though it's only been a month since devastation hit garners neighborhood, that didn't stop Garner from making a donation to the Haitian effort.

"We lost material things, but they have such a need for medical and everything. No food, no water and the deaths," said Garner.

Although devastation hit home, East Texans continue to support those trapped under the rubble 27,000 miles away.

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