East Texas man back from Haiti asking for help to save lives

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- An East Texan man returned from ground zero in Port Au Prince just yesterday. Randall Havard is the director of a search and rescue team. He brought back a video he shot at an outside clinic, where he encountered a Denver nurse.

"This is my post operative unit. There's probably 100 patients, two who died in the night. We're running out of supplies fast. It's very difficult," said RN nurse Lynn Wagner.

"We're running out of IV fluids, I have about ten bags of this for all of these people."

Today the nurse ran out of supplies, and has a parking lot full of people to care for.

"They have no gloves, operating aprons, masks," said Havard.

Tonight, Havard is trying to do the impossible. He's hoping to raise 50,000 dollars by tomorrow at 5 pm in order to bring immediate relief to the nurse's patients.

"We're trying to put our medical team and supplies directly into this nurse's hands."

He's praying that East Texans can help.

"I believe there's 50,000 people out there that will donate a dollar."

He says it will take a miracle, and that's what's necessary to get a team and specialized medical supplies out to Port Au Prince. He says time is running out.

"It's just hard."

Havard says he has hope, hope that God has a plan for this nurse, and those she's caring for.

To donate to "His Glory" Search Rescue and Aid team Incorporated, and help get immediate medical assistance to this nurse, Havard has set up a secure paypay site.  To make a donation and watch the full video he captured in Por Au Prince, click on this link: www.wwdr.org

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