East Texas high school football combine

East Texas H.S. Football Combine

Coach, Parent, or Student-Athlete,

We are excited to announce the National Athletic Combine will host five regional combines beginning in East Texas in January, the Dallas-Ft. Worth area in February, with combines in the greater Houston area, Austin/San Antonio and West Texas in March and April. These combines are for high school student/athletes who are interested in playing at the collegiate level, this includes: non-committed seniors, juniors and sophomores and as well as selected invited freshmen. Developed and established by former NFL coaches, players and scouts; our combine is designed to help match student/athletes with college programs. The results of the testing will be available to you and your coaches at no charge.

The best news is the evaluation is completely free to the athlete. Our intention is to provide a standardized, objective and verifiable assessment tool for college coaches' usage to evaluate prospective athletes. Additionally, we will also, again at no charge, incorporate a character and leadership development component to compliment the evaluation aspect of the combine.

With the expertise of Former NFL coaches such as John Paul Young and Carl Mauck and long time collegiate head coach and former scout for the Dallas Cowboys, Jim Hess, among others; these regional combines will be conducted explicitly according to Pro Combine standards. The drills and tests are non-contact. The results of the standardized measurements, performance results and positional drills plus 3 complete game videos, a highlight video and selected personal data such as: the athletes' transcript, GPA, class ranking, standardized college entrance test scores, financial status, clearing- house status and any other pertinent data a student and/or his parents may provide, can be provided directly to subscribing colleges and universities. This data, purchased by the respective colleges, will be a critical factor in awarding scholarships.

We would like you to visit our website National Athletic Combine in Kilgore, Texas and nominate athletes, both from your own school as well as from your district who may benefit from this type of exposure. Our goal is to help an athlete to develop visibility at FBS, FCS, D-II, Junior College and D-III levels to help extend his career to the next level, while providing the colleges with credible, quantifiable and verifiable data to support their assessments.

If you have questions or comments regarding our Regional Combines, please feel free to contact us at: (888) 536-6443.


Coach Jim Hess
Coach Carl Mauck
Coach John Paul Young
Coach Jim Phillips