Tornado forces Lufkin business to relocate

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – More than a month after the E-F3 tornado ripped through parts of Lufkin, one company says they're moving on.  Performance Truck has re-located after the storm destroyed their facility.

The tornado forced the truck sales business out of their building.

"Of course, at night you couldn't tell the extent of the damage, but at first light it was evident that that facility was not going to be able to be used again," Sales Manager Griff Strange explained.

The old building is destroyed, but the company is hoping a change in location will open new doors for their future.

"We were looking for a facility that had a big enough shop that could accommodate the trucks that we work on," said Strange.

They found the building they were searching for off Highway 94.  It's a fresh start that will take some getting used to.

"It's not on the Loop like our old location was," he said of the new place.  "Being off the beating path, it just makes it a little bit different and inconvenient for some of our customers."

He's clear that moving on has its challenges.

"We've had some theft over there," he said.  "People were getting some stuff out of the old shop.  I think we've got everything hopefully secured now and we'll be moving it all back over here in the very near future."

Even at a new location, marks of the tornado are still evident on the brand new damaged trucks.

The storm and the move created the need for a new plan.

"Right now it's our intentions to rebuild where the old facility was," Strange explained.  "I expect we'll be here at least a year, it might be two years to get everything built and finalized."

For Performance Truck, putting the brakes on business is not an option.

"Of course with the economy right now, it's not real good as far as sales goes," Strange admitted.  "I feel like it will turn around sometime, hopefully later this year."

The business has survived a tornado, and they are determined to survive a re-location.

The company said many of their trucks were damaged in the tornado, but expects new trucks will be delivered to sell in the next few weeks.

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