New planning zones to go into effect in Lufkin

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –The Lufkin City Council has called on the planning and zoning commission to put together a new tree and landscape ordinance for commercial property.

Tonight, the committee presented their hard work to the commission.

The Lufkin planning and zoning commission put together a volunteer committee to preserve trees in the city.  They've worked for months to get this project off the ground

"The purpose of the ordinance is the beautification of Lufkin and trying to maintain our natural beauty we're blessed with," said City Councilman Phil Medford Chair of Committee.

"I came to the ordinance to basically support to preserve our trees, said Local Real Estate Developer David Miles.

Besides preservation, the proposed law aims to correct a few property owners' bad behavior.

"There might have been instances in our community where private property owners were exercising their rights to clear trees... think that instigated a need to help encourage those people to preserve as many trees as possible." said Miles.

Although there are many supporters, opponents of the ordinance voice their opinion.

"Private property right activists that think they should be allowed to anything at anytime to their property will not like it.  And I understand that," said Medford.

The costs of the ordinance are not lost on anyone.

"Regulations, code - this sort of thing is increasing our cost of doing business and delaying our processes," said Miles.

"It will affect our developers and those developers from outside our area that might consider moving to Lufkin," said Medford.

However, progress in this project won't happen without a compromise among all interests involved.

"I think we had a lot of input from a diverse cross-section of the city and hopefully the end result is a compromise from all those concerned areas," said Medford.

"It is a good compromise one that I think developers here locally can live with," said Miles.

The planning and zoning commotion approved to recommend the proposed ordinance to the city council, which will make final approval of the proposed ordinance.

Their first hearing of the ordinance is planned for February second.

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