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SFA University Police go through rigorous training

 By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE)- Some patrol the streets. Others secure your college campus. Nacogdoches city officers and campus police say their job is sometimes stressful, but always rewarding.

Gun shots…the good guys catching the bad guy… but this time it's fake.

"Our weapons are using paint bullets," said University police officer Marcus Madden.

Nacogdoches University and city police officers spent the day to train and prepare for when it does count.

"We try to bring in every situation that we may face on the street," said Madden.

They practiced in the vacant Garner Apartments at SFA, as they covered real life situations.

"A range of stuff from you know, say traffic stops, to building entries, to active shooters, to suicide situations, anything like that," said University police officer Lee Skelton.

Although they wear protection, and use paint ammo, it still hurts.

"If they hit you in the right place," said Skelton.

He says the masks they wear for protection make it difficult to see clearly, breath, and smell.

"It's very much like wearing a gas mask. Your vision and your other senses are so restricted, when you do get out on the street and you no longer have this here, you just function that much better."

A long day of training helps them renew their focus, but it doesn't come easy.

"It's rigorous. When you're done your tired," said Skelton.

A day of training doesn't come without the bumps, bruises, and welts from simulated weapons, but the outcome is worth just a bit of pain.

University police say they undergo as many of these trainings as they can throughout the year, as it only makes them better on the job.

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