Brother says Center victim's killer was 'like a coward'

By Jena Johnson - email

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - While Rusk County authorities investigate a double homicide, one of the victim's brother took time to describe Rigoberto Tovar Pina.

Toby Pina and his younger brother Rigo grew up as orphans.

"We were always together you know," Toby Pina said. "We lived in the streets. We always stuck by each other."

He tells me his brother had a passion for cars and helping other people.

"If he saw a girl on the side of the road he would pick her up and take her to get gas," Pina said. "He was just that kind of guy."

On Monday afternoon Rigo and his friend Steve Parra left for Jacksonville to pick up a new amp for his Cadillac.

"I was going to go and then last minute I decided not to," Pina said.

That change of heart has changed Toby's life. That would be the last he would ever see his brother alive.

"They shot him in the back of the head like a coward and all I keep in my mind is someone shooting my brother in the back of the head," Pina said.

Rigo and his friend Steve were shot execution-style, their bodies dumped on the side of the road. Rigo's car still hasn't been found.

"I was just crushed," Pina said. "It was just something that was really unbelievable that something could happen and I just told God 'No, no, no, no, no.'"

Somewhere in between Shelby and Rusk County, Toby believes his brother may have picked-up two strangers. But why?

"I just don't understand it and that's what's killing me," Pina said. "How did somebody get in the car? I don't understand. I feel like I should have went with him."

He's left with a stack of memories and a thousand questions.

Rigoberto Tovar Pina, 29, and Steve Abran Parra, 27, were found dead on County Road 4248, northeast of Reklaw. Rusk County deputies are investigating the deaths.

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