Lufkin students give their take on the State of the Union Address

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Healthcare, America's defense, and the economy were all topics President Obama discussed in his State of the Union Address.  Several Lufkin students said they tuned in to the speech and found the president had something to say even about their own future.

Some Lufkin High School students wanted to hear what the president had to say Wednesday night.

"It was important that no matter what, you need to watch it to know our country's stance at the moment, said Junior Chris Fougerousse.  "That's pretty much one of the biggest speeches he has."

For high school Junior Chris White, the president's State of the Union Address hit close to home.

"His promise that all U.S. troops, or at least combatant troops he said, be out of the Middle East by August, that kind of makes me feel like my dad is not going to have to go over there again, although he did volunteer," said White.

White's dad is in the army.  He's been overseas twice and just got back a few months ago.  White said he thinks it was an address his peers needed to see.

"I thought the 10 percent thing about the college loans was really interesting because I have some friends who, a lot of the reason they don't want to go to college is because it's so expensive," said Junior Paige Parker.  "They would just rather go out and work and make money."

"I have several friends who own small businesses, or dads, and they are in tough spots right now, but once [President Obama] gets through they'll be better off," said Clark Dorman.

The Lufkin High School students may be young, but they weren't afraid to give their take on the president's words.

"I was impressed with the way he handled a lot of the issues," said Anna Perkins.  "Some of them were very sore issues with both the Republicans and the Democrats there."

"I guess the supporters; I believe that he did calm and he did reassure them, but not to everybody," explained Fougerousse.  "I believe that if you are still opposing him, last night really didn't change your mind."

The students said it will take time to see if the president carries out his promises.

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