Restaurant Report- Angelina County- January 28, 2010

Carlene's Café on East Main Street received twelve demerits. The chicken was found at an improper temperature it needs to be kept at a warmer temperature. Food grade containers are required and the back door must seal.

Dairy Queen Number Four on Atkinson was given twelve demerits. The cheese was found at too high of temperature. They need to repair broken tiles in the kitchen, clean and drain under the prep table and repair the paper towel dispenser in the men's restroom.  Also, the back door must seal completely at the bottom. They did receive a "good job" on the report; all of their employees do have food handler certification.

Café Del Rio Restaurant and Club on South First Street was handed ten demerits. Some employees don't have food handler certification and must obtain it within thirty days of the report. The ice scoop at the bar needs to be stored properly, and inspectors found a cup in the hand wash sink in the bar area. The back door needs to be completely closed at all times. They also received a positive note on their report; the storage area is clean and organized.

Polk's Number Seven Grocery and Deli on North Timberland received eight demerits.  The Deli may not operate beyond scheduled food manager or food handler shifts. The Deli manager must be food manager certified on all shifts. A broken ceiling tile needs to be replaced. They need to clean the restroom, freezer doors, under and around the fryer, and inside the microwave. Expired medication must be discarded and all employees must obtain food handler certification within thirty days.

Dollar General on highway 147 in Zavalla was given four demerits; they need to remove the expired items from their shelves.

Rays drive Inn received three demerits for storing the ice scoop improperly.

Congratulations to the following restaurants for receiving zero demerits in this week's report; Humpty Dumpty, Skate Ranch, Stoneleigh Estates, and Wild Willies.