Capital Murder warrant issued for Roger Dale Clifton, Jr

By Jena Johnson - email

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE)- Roger Dale Clifton, Jr., 31, is wanted in connection to the murder of Bobbie Lynn Carlton, 57. She was found shot to death Wednesday at Lil' Goat's Liquor outside of Garrison in Shelby County.

In an East Texas News exclusive, the suspect's father tells us his son has made contact since he took off.

It's a father's plea to his only son: turn himself in. Roger Clifton, Sr. admits his son has a checkered past, but cannot believe the thought that his son could be capable of murder.

"I'd hate to know my son would do something like that," Clifton, Sr. said. "As a parent you don't think your son or whatever going to do something like that," he said.

Now on the run for allegedly shooting and robbing Carlton,  Shelby County Sheriff Newton Johnson says Clifton is armed and dangerous.

"I would advise everyone to lock their cars, take the keys out and lock their cars, and keep their doors locked," said Johnson. "We feel like he is still in Shelby County."

Clifton Sr. says his son has made contact with him. "He called me last night," he said. "I asked him what he was doing and of course he denied it, but I told him to turn himself in, wasn't no response to that."

These are words he never thought he would say to his son. This is his second and hopefully final plea. "If he's listening I wish he would come on and turn himself in you know we can get this straightened out," said Carlton, Sr. "You know, we stand behind him to the end."

He's hoping Clifton's run from the law ends soon, before something else happens.

Authorities believe roger Clifton, Jr. is driving a silver 2003 Pontiac Gran Am with a sunroof, chrome wheels, and a spoiler on the trunk. There's no license plate, but the car may have a paper tag with "Wells Auto Sales" on it. The vin.#1g2nw12e63c158501, returns out of Arkansas.

If you see him or a car matching that description, you are urged to not make contact with him, but call authorities immediately at 936-598-5600.

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