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Proud of East Texas: Brent Hale

By Joan Hallmark
Posted by Michael Hetrick

BEN WHEELER, TX (KLTV) - If you drive through the little historic town of Ben Wheeler in Van Zandt County, you can't help but notice the huge "Royal Crown Cola and Moon Pie" mural on the Rave Building. It's quite possibly the only one of its' kind in the entire U.S.

While today's teenagers and "twenty somethings" may not be familiar with Moon Pies, these sweet little delicacres were once a staple in East Texas small towns, and of course they always had to be consumed with Royal Crown Cola. Artist Brent Hale's mural of Moon Pies and RC's is the newest attraction in Ben Wheeler, on its' way to becoming a popular destination spot. In fact when Hale contacted the Moon Pie people about using their logo, they were so impressed with plans for Ben Wheeler's rebirth, they offered to host a "Moon Pie Festival."

Although Hale also did the mural in the town's landmark building "Moore's Store",his art background is anything but small town. Hale's clients come from all over the world and include such "biggies" as Nike and American Airline.

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