Nacogdoches seniors discuss tax issues

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Clarence Barton has been paying taxes for a long time.

"Forty-something years," Barton said. "Does it get any easier? No, it gets harder."

No disagreement there, among the seniors waiting to have their taxes prepared by AARP volunteers. Even so there are few complaints.

"Some taxes are necessary," Jim Baker said. "I don't think some of 'em are, but you know, you just take it as it comes."

It's easier to take when there's someone looking out for your best interest.

"Well, this year they are allowing you to take property taxes on your home, in addition to the standards reduction and that is a big help," said Betty Dunaway, tax preparer.

Not every senior qualifies. Sometimes there's not much the tax preparers can do to make tax time any easier.

"I try to stay aloof, but sometimes I do empathize with them, especially in some hardship cases," said B.F. Boudria, tax preparer.

One line everybody looks forward to seeing, no matter what their age may be, that's the one that tells you you're getting a refund."

"Oh yes, more I think than anyone else," said Tommye Tracy.

And any money they do get back is often used to pay bills or placed in savings. This generation believes in practical uses for a hard earned dime.

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