An SFA landmark comes down

By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -The biggest attraction in Nacogdoches over the last few days has been watching garner apartments come down on the SFA campus.

The wrecking ball began swinging on Saturday. Today passersby can see the man behind the controls has been busy. With each swing, another part of the landmark building comes down. Some observers are disappointed it didn't come down all at once.

With this method, they'll have something to watch for weeks.

"The demolition of garner is going to take approximately six weeks to complete. Now, we've been doing a lot of preliminary work as far as asbestos abatement and the demolishers have been working inside, but the actual bringing down of the building from the outside is going to take five to six weeks." said Lee Brittain SFA's Physical Plant Director.

Garner was built back in 1969. It's unique design and height could be seen all over town, particularly on game victory days when the tower was lit with purple lights.

By august a parking garage will take its place, followed with a new freshman dorm, scheduled to be finished by 2011.

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