An East Texas Church prepares a teacake fundraiser for Haiti

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Burke, TX-(KTRE) An East Texas church group is baking to help Haiti.  At the burke kitchen church members are mixing up earthquake teacakes as a fundraiser for the devastated country.

Asher Burnette may be young, but that's not stopping him from helping an entire country.

"You get some flour and you get some cookie dough and some sugar," said Asher Burnett a church baker.

He's making tea cakes for earthquake victims in Haiti.  He's baking nearly 300 dozen cookies with a group of church members to raise money for the devastated country.

"Because to help them get food and everything," said Asher Burnette.

"It's hard to see anybody suffer, whether it's here or there," said Pam Burnette.

Pam Burnette organized the fundraiser.  These bakers were willing to pay for the ingredients so 100 percent of the profit goes directly to Haiti.  She says she hopes the sweet treats raise awareness for the earthquake-ravaged country.

"They're all shaped like hearts for two reasons; one Valentine's Day, but one is also to show that our love in Christ to help Haiti," said Pam Burnette.

According Pam Burnette says so far, this fundraiser has taken about 10 dozen eggs, 50 pounds of sugar, and 70 pounds of flour, but she says it'll all be worth it in the end.

All those ingredients are from a church with just 13 members, attempting to help a country of millions.

"I'd love to send enough tea cakes over there to feed everybody, but we can't, but maybe we can raise enough money and get medical assistance and get food and clothing for them," said Margie Rush another organizer.

And they'll keep baking until the orders stop coming.

"It makes me feel good that you know just so few can do so much," Pam Burnette.

Just a sweet reminder that this church hopes goes a long way toward Haiti's

The group will continue taking orders.  The cookies are four dollars a dozen and the money is sent to Haiti through the United Methodist council on relief.

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