Chickens and roosters fatten up for fair

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The 61st annual Angelina County Youth Fair kicked off this evening with their broiler show. Students from all age groups showed off their well-fed roosters and chickens.

Just six weeks ago their hens and roosters were just baby chicks, but these Angelina County students have fattened them up for the fair.

"Feeding them high percent protein and really trying to get them to get grow big and eat a lot," said Jamie Miller, 17, Huntington H.S.

How do you get involved with chicken and rooster fattening?

"I don't live on a very big place and this is something small that I can do. So we built a chicken house and now I'm showing chickens," said Cassie Bates, 17, Central H.S.

And right before they're fed to death - they're judged on just how well-fed they were over the past few weeks.

"It means their just going to check and see if their still alive and if their breasts are ok and if their wings aren't broke and stuff," said Bates.

"Well their looking for their breasts size and the color of their skin," said Andrew Griffith, 15, Lufkin H.S.

Participants experienced all that goes into raising animals.

"Really just feeding them, cleaning up their pen and stuff," said Colton Strickland, 12, Huntington M.S.

"I've learned they take a lot of time and you have to have the willpower to go out there and do it," said Bates.

Colton Strickland, although only 12, has learned to deal with life's harsh realities through his raising his chickens.

"Now their going to kill them," said Strickland.

And then eat them?

Strickland shakes his head no.

Why would they just kill them?

"They can contract diseases being with so many chickens."

The top ranking chickens will win its owner some extra cash. They will be sold at the end of the week.

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