YouTube video has Carthage residents talking

By LaKecia Shockley - bio | email

CARTHAGE, TX (KTRE/KLTV) - The YouTube video of a group of East Texas youngsters fighting at a McDonald's in Carthage has everyone in the small town talking.

"Wow! It's unbelievable that our youth are doing that now and we have a lot of it," said Carthage Mayor Carson Joines.

It is not the type interaction you would expect to see at McDonald's.

"You know, that's not good for the business," said Joines. "McDonald's doesn't want that."

The video shows one guy getting jumped and beaten by several people.

"You know, they don't care how they hurt a person, and they'll all just jump on one usually," said Joines. "I don't know why they think that it makes themselves feel tuff."

Joines says he is disappointed, but not surprised that the brawl happened in his town.

"It seems like we're seeing more of it all the time and it's not anything new that I've seen - seeing on the news," he said.

Panola County investigators say the fight all started after students left the Carthage versus Center basketball game and headed across the street to McDonald's. Investigators say the fight may have stemmed from a long-time school rivalry between Carthage and Center. But this time it turned violent.

"I think they love that attention but they're getting it the wrong way," said Joines. "We have a lot of this now and it's a shame that it's getting worst and it runs over into the older people even by seeing their children do this."

Mayor Joines says the city will continue to beef up patrol to make sure is does not happen again, but urges parents to step up.

"I think the parents is the first place they need to start," said Joines. "Our parents aren't getting them in church and it doesn't matter what denomination there in, they just need to get in church and start working with the youth more than they do now."

Investigators say that they plan to make arrests, and that they have identified nine suspects in the video. We are told the victim in the video managed to escape the fight with only scratches.

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