Lufkin golfers react to Woods' apology

By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tiger Woods' public apology brought Lufkin golfers off the course today and into the pro shop.

"I do appreciate the fact that those things are very private, but he was the epitome of golf and put himself on the stage and so he owed that to the American people," Susan Knox said.

A golfer herself, Knox says it was time for him to step up and make a statement.

"I really feel bad for all the kids who made him a role model," Knox said.

"It definitely is a practiced speech and you can tell that part of it, but I think it was very sincere, from the heart," said Ben Burns, the Crown Colony Golf Course head pro.

Burns waited to hear when Woods will return to the green.

"I was saying the Masters all along, but he doesn't sound like he's progressing very fast toward it at all," Burns said.

Woods made it clear he is taking time out to get help. But, some say although he may need to take some time off the course, it may not help his golf game any.

"But you know, his practice, ethics, and work ethic, you know, he'll probably be right back where he was," said Cory Ryan, a pro at Crown Colony.

Burns says people may look at Woods differently, but he's ready to watch Tiger on the course.

"I respect his golf game, I just want to see him play golf," Burns said. "I mean so I think that's the part of that all of us are missing out on."

"I guess he'll come back," Knox said. "I don't think it will ever be the same. I think he needs another good dose of humility and to learn to respect himself, his family, and the game."

When Tiger will return is the question.

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