Huntington church raises 41-foot steeple

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The Homer United Pentecostal Church in Huntington was the site of an amazing effort by church members and a volunteer crane operator. A steeple being raised signified a new direction for the church.

It was the perfect day for a steeple raising.

"The wind isn't blowing. It's not snowing. And it's not really cold. He's smiling on us," said  Linda Frankens, Pastor's Wife.

Members of the church watched as the finishing touches on the steeple were completed.

"We're setting a steeple. We're setting a relatively large steeple," said Ronnie Frankens, Pastor.

Weighing in at around 5,000 pounds and standing tall at forty-one feet, Pastor Frankens is not exaggerating.

"I prayed this morning that everything was going to be ok," said Linda Frankens.

Raising the steeple to its home on top of the church's new sanctuary symbolized the success the growing congregation.

"Just presently outgrowing where we are and this will be a new sanctuary," said Pastor Frankens.

Hours and hours of hard work by church members went into building the big, white steeple.

"It took a long time, a lot of hard work. The weather was very, very cold. But they were very - just get it done and they did. They got it done," said Linda Frankens.

As the steeple started its journey to final resting place, the excitement of church members soared.

"As you can see there they are getting ready to set the steeple. Bringing it all together," said Bobby Frankens, Assistant Pastor and Ronnie's brother.

With this steeple finally in place, this church's pastor's dreams have been fulfilled for their new sanctuary.

After researching and taking pictures other church steeples - they decided on the design.

"It was my idea for it to be the focal point of the building. I wanted the steeple to be integrated into the building and not look like it was just sat on top," described Pastor Frankens.

"It's beautiful. I think it will be a landmark," said Linda Frankens.

When they started this process of building their new sanctuary. They didn't know if they could really afford it.

"We just had a fraction of what we needed. but everything has fallen into place perfectly. We're serving a big god and he knows the need," said Pastor Frankens.

"It's all on account of god. Without him none of this would be possible," said Bobby Frankens.

According to Pastor Frankens he's not sure when the new sanctuary will be ready for services. He is keeping his fingers crossed for this May, but it could be the end of the year.

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