Technical training important for future jobs

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES (KTRE) - The next workforce generation is concentrating on landing the technical jobs to make the money.  "Oh yes, big money," is what Jacksonville student Ethan Hanks wants.

An excavation simulator could be the start. "It's got what's called a 'butT kicker'. It's a gaming technology and it allows the chair to shake just like if they were in a real cab, " explained an instructor with Texas State Technical College. The college, with locations in Waco and Marshall, was visiting Nacogdoches High School. The emphasis was technical training is better than no further education at all.

Some of that hand eye coordination, fine tuned by video games, is being transferred to the workplace as students took turns at the simulator. There are others jobs from welding to auto design. Certifications are obtained generally in two years.

The opportunities are unheard of  even to the experienced. "Automotive auto collision. There's five different computer technologies in waco. Welding web mastering. There's things that I didn't even know people did for a living," Jeff Pyett, admissions representative explained.

The reward is usually a good paying job upon graduation. "It seems more like a realistic choice to take and do because there's some people that have a higher degree from a four year college and they don't have a job to go to. But there's always going to be a need for a diesel mechanic," Hanks said.

A state controller's study, supports the student's expectations. "We are over graduating people with bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees by many thousand per year but we are under graduating people with one and two year technical degrees," Jeannie Summers, NHS career and technical training director said.

Researchers find students entering the workforce must possess the skills and training to pursue a rewarding career. The alternative is digging their way out of minimum wage jobs.

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