Center residents mourn wreck victims

By Jena Johnson - email

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Pastor Alvin Davis and his wife Vanessa pray for the four young people killed in wrecks over the weekend. Their 22-year-old son Justin Slaughter was one of the victims.

"I'm saddened by the fact that not only is my family a victim, but there are other victims as well, every family that lost a loved one is grieving now as we are," Alvin Davis said.

On Saturday, Vanessa Davis heard there was a bad accident on State Highway 7. She says she had a feeling her son was involved. What would happen next would confirm that.

"DPS trooper came in and told us that he had some bad news for us," she said.

The words following that knock at the door were difficult to grasp. She says her faith is carrying her through.

"I loved Justin and I did everything I could for him, but he was not mine," she said. "He belonged to God from the beginning."

Less than 24 hours later, a wreck on U.S. Highway 87 in Center would take the life of six-year old Selena Smith. For parents of Center Elementary students, this has hit home.

"You always think what if it was my child and how you would feel," said Bobbie Warren, a parent of a Center Elementary student.

Through this tragedy Alvin Davis searches for a message.

"Never, never take anything for granted because every day could be our last day and that's the reality of it all," Alvin Davis said.

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