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5th graders get physical for heart month

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – A unique opportunity to teach heart health while getting the heart pumping presented itself to Lufkin I.S.D. elementary students this week. P.E. classes side-stepped the usual routine in favor of an obstacle course with a heart health lesson.

5th graders got their hearts pumping for heart month.

"Our job is to give them physical activity and through that learn about health. Learn about the body," said Coach Courtnee Garcia of Brandon Elementary.

Donated pedometers pushed the kids even further.

"They count your steps - how many steps you've taken," said Jarret Raley, Brandon Elementary 5th grader.

The pedometers offer a new type of the competition which motivates the kids even more.

"They love to compete. It gives them an opportunity to compete and see who can get the most steps," said Coach Garcia.

The students not only worked their heart, they learned the actual anatomy of the organ as they went through the obstacle course.

The challenging course gets the kids sweaty and smarter at the same time.

"It gives them an idea on how the heart works. They're the blood cells traveling through the heart. So they get to travel through the heart and see where the blood goes," described Garcia.

"Just like the heart. You start out as a blood cell an you go through the obstacle course - the aorta - then you go all around," said Raley.

Add in the pedometers and the pressure amps up.

"Go through one time and after the first time we check the pedometer to see how many steps we've taken and we set a goal," said Garcia.

The successful use of the pedometers and the obstacle course may inspire future initiatives.

<Garcia:> "it's very interesting to see them really learning and getting that physical activity at the same time."

Slack and Anderson Elementary P.E. classes also worked up a sweat and learned heart healthy lessons.



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