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Nacogdoches businessman says gaming facility is legal

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -In a non descript building, in the warehouse district of Nacogdoches, sits Seven Star Sweepstakes.

Moiz Habib is the manager and he says he has nothing to hide.

 "They haven't found anything wrong with us so we're here," said Habib.

People come here to play computer games. All kinds.

" It's got kino. It's got bingo. It's got a bunch of different games on it," said Habib.

The goal, of course, is to win. The prize is cash. Large signs tell the customers they're playing for charities.   That, according to Habib, keeps the operation legal. Here's the catch. You don't have to give the money away. 

"There's no donation necessary. Our people who want to take away with 50-60 dollars every day. They walk away," said Habib.

Before Habib showed up, customers scurried to their cars after seeing our camera. Our intentions were not to run customers away, but to talk to them.

Luckily, former customer Kenneth Acosta didn't shy away. 

"I don't approve of any of them operating, but I just mainly went over to see how they were doing it," Acosta.

Curiosity pulled him in. So did concern. 

"You see a lot of your elderly people that are on fixed incomes and stuff going in there and they're losing their little old money," said Acosta.

Police Chief Jim Sevey confirms he is aware of 7 Stars Sweepstakes and an investigation is underway. Currently, they're working with state authorities to determine if there are any violations.

Habib continues to claim.

" Everything is legal,"

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