State fines Melrose Water Supply $31,000

John Makow's complaints on Melrose Water led to a $31,000 fine.
John Makow's complaints on Melrose Water led to a $31,000 fine.

By Donna McCollum - email

MELROSE, TX (KTRE) - John Makow originally complained about water pressure and outages directly to the Melrose Water Supply Corporation. He wasn't pleased with the results, so he called the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

"I hate to get quasi government organizations involved in this, but I don't have other choices," Makow said.

A state investigation ended with Melrose Water being fined more than $31,000.

"That is quite a bit of money," Melrose Water Director Carl Dyes said.

The state has lowered the fines by $6,000, but Dyes is still facing a $25,000 penalty and pages of citations. He believes the state has a motive that could affect water districts all over the state.

"Part of their budget comes from fines, if not all of it comes from fines, so that kinda changed their outlook on all of these issues," Dyes said.

Nevertheless, they are alleged violations that went unnoticed until Makow spoke up.

" Why wasn't anybody paying attention?" Makow said. "Why does it take somebody like me to bring this up?"

Makow is seeing some results. The water pressure is better, but he questions the quality, pointing out a sediment from his water samples.

"Well, it's dirt," Makow said. "Ok. Sand and iron ore."

It's not all bad news for the Melrose Water Supply Corporation. As of today they can tell customers they no longer need to boil their water.

An attorney for Melrose Water Supply is attempting to get the fines lowered or applied toward compliance expenditures.

If that's unsuccessful, the matter could go before the attorney general.

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