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Lufkin Police say red-light cameras are a success

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –For two years Sergeant David Walker has been reviewing red light camera violations.

"In the last two years that they've been up, we've seen voluntary compliance.  The numbers of violations have gone down," said Sgt. David Walker, Traffic Division Lufkin Police Department.

Also, there have been *no fatalities at any of the intersections with cameras a change drivers are starting to notice.

 "I know that at Copeland and the Loop, there used to be a lot of wrecks there and as far as I know, I haven't seen one in a long time," said Tom Croley.

The flash is so successful; police are looking to install a few more so-called camera cops along the loop and on timberland.

"As long as the wheels are turning out there, we're going to have wrecks and those wrecks are usually caused by some traffic violation, a red light is one of them," said Walker.

Walker says this intersection at Lotus Lane and the Loop could be one of the spots they decide to put another red light camera, but he says for now, officers are just looking into it. 

"We look at accident history, we look at fatalities and the accident history is the number of accidents that are directly an issue with the violation of running a red light," said Walker.

Some East Texans say 75 dollars is a small price to pay for safety.

"I got a ticket just like a week and a half ago.  So, I wasn't real happy about that and when I ran the red light, I was in denial that I'd actually done it, but when you get the picture in the mail, it's pretty hard to dispute," said Croley.

"I've actually gotten two tickets at the red lights and was saddened by that, but it's all good, I'm a safer driver for it," Watson.

With eleven cameras across Lufkin, that's the lesson walker wants drivers to learn.

"The less doors that I have to knock on and tell them their kids aren't coming home or can they come with me and look at mom or dad or whoever it is, that's what we're looking for," said Walker.

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