Former Diboll standout Jermichael Finley named starter

By Nick James - bio | email

LUFKIN KTRE- Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley has just been named the starter for the Cheese heads going into the 2010-2011 NFL season.  After eclipsing 800 yards this season and scoring five touchdowns he has earned the right to open offseason workouts as the starter the upcoming season.  Last season Finley was a big contributor down the stretch for Packers playoff push.  Finely thrives on being in the spotlight but realizes he won't last forever.

"It's crazy man every time I catch a ball or score I feel like I'm dreaming it doesn't seem real.  But at the same time I'm seizing the moment and take advantage of it because it doesn't last forever.  You got veteran players that are wishing they were still in the game but can't come back because of injuries and their beat up like a boxer you have to just play your hardest man, Finley said."

After missing four games this past season with a knee injury Finley has big plans on going to Hawaii after the season concludes.  Not for vacation but as a pro bowler.

"Of course my main objective going into this year is going to be to make it to the pro bowl.

Every athlete wants to get a championship under his belt and that's what I want to do and win that diamond and make sure that I'm shining at the end of it."

He passes up Donald Lee on the depth chart and Finley will be playing for a big contract he's in the final year of his three year deal with Green Bay.  Finley will leave Texas for offseason workouts next week.

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