Huntington hopes U.S. Census means money to fix bad roads

By Holley Nees - bio | email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) – One East Texas rural community is hoping the 2010 U.S. Census will help save their roads.

For every Huntington resident counted, the city could get more money, funding they need to fix miles and miles of bad roads.

After nine years of driving down Walnut Road, Steve Reid has had enough.

"I've lived on this road for awhile and you've got to go really slow or you'll tear your car up," said Reid.  "I've replaced the shocks on my van once already and I can pretty much guarantee it's because of the road."

"It was one of the best streets for years and years, but we have a lot of truck traffic on it," said Huntington City Manager Bruce Milstead.  "We have some businesses that get deliveries from18-wheeler trucks and that kills your streets."

Milstead said this isn't the only bad road in the city.  Huntington has 21 miles of streets and he said most of them could use some work, but asphalt is expensive.

"Each year we're going to target three streets and try to do three streets and bring them up to acceptable levels," explained Milstead.

He's hoping the Census will help them.  If everyone in the city fills out the form to be counted, it could bring in more money to spend on projects like the roads.

"Everybody does need to fill it out so we can get these roads fixed so we don't have to worry about accidents, or people's tires, their front-ends, and the wear and tear on vehicles," said Resident Dina Bynog.

"Everybody puts up with this and everyone has been putting up with this for awhile," said Reid.  "If there was a chance that they could be fixed due to that, sure, it's no big deal, just fill out the form."

Residents are ready to be counted if it means there's even a chance they can start counting on the roads again.

Milstead said more money could help the city serve it's residents better with more funding for things like the volunteer fire department. There is a U.S. Census station set up in the community room at Huntington City Hall.

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