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Man killed after driving rampage through Center

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CENTER, TX (KTRE) - A man was pronounced dead at a Longview hospital after some apparent erratic driving through downtown Center Wednesday evening.

"This was unusual to me in that the sequence of events that occurred, there were a lot of people put in harms way prior to the final resting place of the individual," said Center Police Department Senior Patrol Officer Cliff Lightfoot.

According to the police report, Jorge Ivan Hernandez, 29, was driving a Malibu when he left the downtown square at a high speed and drove down San Augustine Street, jumping a curb and running over a stop sign. He then went through the parking lot of Tetco store, and onto U.S. Highway 96, crossing both lanes. He hit a cargo trailer, which threw him back onto the highway where he hit a 3/4-ton Chevy, which threw him back into the side of a road into a parking area. When he tried to regain control, he went back into the road and crossed over the center line, where he ran head-on into a one-ton truck.

"The parts of the vehicle had actually pinned him in and crushed him and they had to use the saw in order to extricate him through the vehicle," explained Lightfoot.  "His injuries were quite frightful."

Police don't yet have all the answers to the cause of Hernandez's erratic driving.  However, they want other drivers to know, there is something you can do to steer clear of dangers like these.

"Pull over, get off the road," insists Lightfoot.  "That way it'll give you a fighting chance."

For now, Lightfoot said everyone needs to slow down.

"Nothing is so great, nothing is so important that it's worth your life," he said.

Toxicology tests are pending.

The driver of the truck was treated for injuries at a local hospital.

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