Lufkin Memorial Hospital volunteers purchase MRI wheelchair

Posted by Paige Stewart - email

LUFKIN, TEXAS- Memorial Health System of East Texas' Volunteer Auxiliary continues to meet the needs of patients and staff at the local facility.  Patients unable to walk steady now can be wheeled directly into the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suite.

Volunteers purchased a specialized non-ferromagnetic wheelchair that is made of stainless steel.  Because the wheelchair contains no metal components it is not attracted to the scanner's magnetic field.

This donation provides a wheelchair to both the Temple Imaging Center and Kurth Imaging Center within the hospital.

PHOTO CAPTION: Volunteer Sara Trammell poses in the wheelchair with MRI technologists Johnita Spencer, RT(R)(MR), Susan Berquist, RT(R)(M), Tracey Turner, RT(R)(MR), and Volunteer President, Don Newland.  Not pictured is technologist Jade Evans, RT(R).

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