Lufkin High students receive ten thousand dollar grant for habitat house

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition has shown how committed East Texans are to helping their neighbors. Lufkin High School students have brought their community and school together with a Skills USA Habitat for Humanity project. They were awarded with a 10,000 dollar grant for their efforts.

A big, yellow house sits on the lawn of Lufkin High School ...a testament to the hard work of so many students.

"Everyday they can drive past the home and say I did that and tell their children I did that," said Brian Crews, L.H.S. Teacher/Skills USA Advisor.

The project began last summer. Drafting students submitted their plans for a house. Senior, Clark Thannisch's were chosen.

"The winning design the building trade class is going to build them over on campus. I was all over that," said Clark Thannisch, Senior Drafting Student.

With the basic plan chosen, Clark and two other drafting students got busy.

"We all got together and we blew out a full set of plans and we got approval by the city and we're over here building them," said Thannisch.

Editor-in-Chief of the high school's news paper, Mary Rojo, was recruited to spread the word.

"Being able to tell people what was going on and they actually listen to it, read it, and get involved in it and be like that's really cool," said Mary Rojo, Senior Journalism Student.

The students' success in the project won them a State Farm Environmental Sustainability Grant.

"This is a green energy home: We're using special insulation, environmentally friendly products," said Crews.

Almost half-way done - these students have a long way to go, but should finish in time for a local family to move in this May….a community contribution leaving a lasting legacy.

"A way to showcase these kids talents and not only what we're doing for our community, but their futures," said Crews.

The$10,000 grant will help complete the house and will also provide the students' transportation to a competition in Kansas City, Missouri where they will compete against the eleven other grant winners.

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