Fraternity discourages drinking & driving during spring break

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "This is weird," laughs one girl wearing goggles designed to simulate what you see while drunk. Once you put the drunk goggles on your perception of drunk driving should become crystal clear.

"I'm leaning to the left. Leaning to the right. Not at all would I consider driving this way," Grovey Latimer, president of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity said. The service fraternity sends that message out each week before spring break. They call it Brothers Against Drunk Driving, a nationwide push on college campuses to save lives.

"You drink and drive you have a greater chance of dying. You have a greater chance of getting in a car accident and hurting yourself and others," Latimer said. "If you have, God forbid, get in a situation where you kill somebody, you've got to live with that the rest of your life."

Those who put on the goggles laugh at the experience, but it's no laughing matter. "Actually, I've had cousins die from this kid of incident and my friends have had family members die from this as well," Josh Reyes said.

Drunk driving fatalities are the number one cause of death for people ages 18-24 years in America. Driving Jacks, a service that drives partiers home, doesn't have to look long to find more alarming statistics. " Ninety-seven percent of all spring breakers are going to drink. Forty percent of the women who drink at spring break will drink until they become sick. On average, a male will drink 18 drinks per day," Bry Roby, a Driving Jack,  shared.

The evidence is found at popular spring break destinations. A bit of pre spring break advice from peers may help the road trips from ending tragically.

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