Lufkin drivers share their gas-saving tips

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Spring break and summer vacation are right around the corner, and if you're planning to drive - gas may be the biggest part of your vacation budget. We spoke with some drivers who shared their tips on saving gas.

Fewer trips to the pump means more money in your pocket. The season for trip-taking is upon us and folks are finding ways to save a gallon here and a gallon there.

"Keep it tuned up, running good without no misfires or anything like that," said Carlos Solis, driver.

Keeping up with your cars scheduled maintenance is the best tip most people had to save gas.

"To make sure your oil changed and that your daily maintenance so it doesn't pull as hard," said Terra Thacker, Driver.

Not only under the hood - but also your vehicles' tires.

"It's important to keep your tires at the right air pressure... are you tires in balance," added Thacker.

"have the right size tires for your car or truck," said Solis.

Some credit cards - believe it or not - could save you a few cents per gallon - which adds up pretty quickly.

"You can save on gas with a credit cars. Shell sometimes have promotions like 5 cents per gallon, you save 3 cents per gallon. There are different ways you can save on gas," said

Going online may not save gas, but it could save you money at the pump. Just go to put your city or your zip code and it will lists some of the lowest prices in your area.

Or you could do what Carlos Solis does.

"I won't go out at all cause gas is so high right now. That's one way to save gas is to stay home. Go to work and come home," said Solis.

It's the least amount of fun - but you definitely save gas.

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