3/9/10 Lufkin Police report

BURGLARY, 200 Block of ALTA: Man reported that when he and his wife returned home after a week-long trip, they found their back door wide open and home burglarized.  Entry appeared to have been made by breaking a window out on the back side of the house.  Over $10,000.00 in property was reported stolen from the home, including several rifles and handguns, a television and game system, as well as their boat and trailer.

BURGLARY: 500 Block of CHESTER Street:  Man reported that when he got home from work he noticed the lock on his trucks tool box had been broken off and his cell phone missing from the truck.

THEFT, 1200 Block of LUFKIN Street: Manager reported that a man asked to look at some bottles of perfume at the counter.  Manager reported the store was busy at the time, and he let the man take the merchandise to the front register to pay for them.  Manager reported a few minutes later he observed the man leaving the store without paying for the bottles of perfume.

THEFT, 100 Block of HICKORY HILL Drive: Woman reported that she noticed her camera and memory stick came up missing a couple of weeks ago from her residence after a friend and his girlfriend came over to visit.

THEFT, 1000 Block of W FRANK: Manager reported that a man asked to look at a bottle of perfume at the counter and when the clerk turned around, the man concealed the perfume in his coat and walked out of the store without paying for it.

ASSAULT, 300 Block of BYNUM: Deaf woman reported that she rented a home from a man, but soon found through city inspectors that the gas utilities in the home were not up to code and she would not be allowed to move in.  Woman reported that when she met with the renter at the house to get her money back, they went into the house together where the man made an unwanted sexual advance, touching and rubbing on her inappropriately.  The woman advised that when she backed away from him, the man left the house.

THEFT, 1200 Block of ELLEN TROUT: Man reported that he left his horse trailer parked at the Expo Center due to it needing some work done to it.  The man reported that when he sent some of his workers to pick up the trailer, they found it was no longer there.

FORGERY/COUNT, 4500 Block of MEDFORD: Business owner reported that a younger female purchased a drink with a counterfeit $100 dollar bill, receiving over $90.00 back in change.  The owner advised that they did not notice the bill was a counterfeit made from a bleached $5.00 bill until they were informed by their bank when they made their deposit.

THEFT, 200 Block of DARCEILLE Avenue: Woman reported that she and her fiancé had been split up over two months, when he shows up while she had a male friend over.  Woman reported that he ran off her friend and while she was locked in another room of house to avoid confrontation, he began moving belongings out of the home including a couch and a television that belonged to her father, and was only loaned to her.

BURGLARY, 1100 Block of DENMAN Avenue: Owner reported that sometime over the weekend seven cars on his lot had been burglarized.  Over $2,000.00 in damages and over $1,500.00 in stolen property reported.

BURGLARY, 800 Block of PIERCE Street: Woman and her husband reported that they discovered someone had removed their window screen, broke the window, and raised the window sometime during the night.  They reported that the family was at home during the time, but did not hear anything.

UUMV, 3300 Block of Lotus Lane: Woman reported that she accidentally left the keys in her vehicle parked in front of her apartment and someone stole her car sometime overnight.   The car was equipped with a tracking device, and after activation, led officers to the car which was found unoccupied parked at local washateria on Paul St.

BURGLARY,            3400 Block of Freeman Street: Man reported that sometime after midnight, someone broke into three cars parked in front of his residence.  Stereo equipment was reported stolen from the vehicles and there was extensive damage to one of the vehicles where the subject(s) tried to pry entry into the trunk.